Service With Earnest Dedication and Sincerity
Welcome to SAIUJYAM

"SAIUJYAM" stands for achieving communion with GOD through devotion, service and sacrifices by offering a helping hand to alleviate the sufferings of fellow human beings.

"SAIUJYAM" emerged as an organization with the objective of the above concept on 26th August, 2012. 'Service With Earnest Dedication and Sincerity' is the essence of "SAIUJYAM". In fact the individuals behind "SAIUJYAM" were involved in the endeavor of serving the poor and needy much before the formation of "SAIUJYAM". They were actively involved in activities such as serving elders confined to old age homes, campaign for awareness of organ and blood donation, assisting needy students with their basic educational needs such as books and other study materials, assisting homeless women to find a shelter, helping children infected with HIV who are usually treated as an unwanted burden.

"SAIUJYAM" closely worked with medical professionals to gather information on the general requirements of the HIV infected children. The plight of some of these children was pathetic as they being orphaned due to the demise of either or both parents. The poorest among them had no food or medicine and were kept away from schools. "SAIUJYAM" realized that unchecked growth of this disease and exposure of infected children into the society as they grow as adults would create an alarmingly frightening situation. "SAIUJYAM" firmed its resolve to serve this unfortunate and unwanted lot and thus "KUTUMB"- an essence of "SAIUJYAM" was born with an objective to cater to different needs of these HIV infected children.

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