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An initiative by SAIUJYAM to cater to the needs of HIV-infected children in our society. SAIUJYAM’s KUTUMB is a home away from home for many HIV-infected children facing tremendous emotional and psychological problems. We provide a healthy and secure environment for these children to help them rise above the prejudice to face the world as strong and independent citizens.


Summer Camp

Summer camp is important not just for opportunity but also it enables the children to be independent and grow without parent’s guidance. It helps them explore, make friends and learn new things, acquire skills and fun at a very young age allowing them to become confident with their self in a different place. The best part about camp? Kids will be too busy having fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning.  Camp does a really good job of teaching kids it’s okay to fail and helps them recognize their limitations.


Chiguru – meaning Sprout, was specially organized for the young, budding, tender, HIV-infected underprivileged children, who are sprouting into their adolescence to give the children talks on personality development and explain the importance of understanding one’s feelings followed by sessions on the awareness of personal hygiene, and other adolescent-related matters about physical changes.

Social Cause

Blood Donation

Blood donation drives have been conducted ever since SAIUJYAM’s inception and we are committed to doing our part for society by regularly organizing blood donation camps. We conduct these camps twice in a year.  We spread awareness about the importance of donating blood during these drives and we also encourage people to join the Donation Group to help save precious lives.  

Education for every Child

SAIUJYAM is a firm believer in education for all children, where each and every child should be educated in order to become strong and independent individuals. With this ideology in mind, we provide educational assistance in terms of books and uniform, tuition fees, and so on, for the schooling of children of lower economic strata. SAIUJYAM distributed study materials to all the needy children of Sarakari Kannada HiriyaPrathamikaShaale, Sangameshwar Nagar, Belgaum, during the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.  

Covid Relief

We at SAIUJYAM have voluntarily stepped into the forefront to tackle the needs arising due to the ongoing pandemic. We took the initiative to reach out to the needy during the COVID-19 crisis. The need during this time was to provide basic necessities such as food grain, food essentials, sanitizers, masks and so on. SAIUJYAM has been pro active towards the delivery of food-kits to the ones in need, adhering to the government-defined safety measures during distribution.