Our Mission

Psychological Needs




Psychological Needs



Our mission is to provide a safe, caring, educative and loving environment for children and young adults who are vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned.

Our Vision

Our vision is to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable children and young adults. We strive to empower medically fragile children with equal opportunity in the world today and grow our idea to the other regions of the country.

Our World


An initiative by SAIUJYAM to cater to the needs of HIV-infected children in our society. SAIUJYAM’s KUTUMB is a home away from home for many HIV-infected children facing tremendous emotional and psychological problems. We provide a healthy and secure environment for these children to help them rise above the prejudice to face the world as strong and independent citizens.


Summer Camp

Summer camp is important not just for opportunity but also it enables the children to be independent and grow without parent’s guidance. It helps them explore, make friends and learn new things, acquire skills and fun at a very young age allowing them to become confident with their self in a different place. The best part about camp? Kids will be too busy having fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning.  Camp does a really good job of teaching kids it’s okay to fail and helps them recognize their limitations.


A Camp for the young, budding, tender, HIV-infected underprivileged children, who are sprouting into their adolescence to give the children talks on personality development and explain the importance of understanding one’s feelings followed by sessions on the awareness of personal hygiene, and other adolescent-related matters about physical changes. Underpriviledged children, adolescents and young adults. They are guided in personality development, interpersonal relationship, decision making, vocational and career options and other adolescent related matters.

Social Cause


Blood donation drives have been conducted ever since SAIUJYAM’s inception and we are committed to doing our part for society by regularly organizing blood donation camps. We conduct these camps twice in a year. We spread awareness about the importance of donating blood during these drives and we also encourage people to join the Donation Group to help save precious lives.

Education for every Child

Education for every child
As a firm believer in education for all children, we provide educational assistance in terms of books and uniforms and tuition fees for the schooling of children of lower economic strata.

Covid Relief

An initiative to reach out to the needy during the COVID-19 crisis to provide necessities such as food grains, food essentials, sanitizers, masks by adhering to the government-defined safety measures during distribution.





First of all it feels great to be associated with Mr. K.V.Sanjai who is the backbone for this wonderful family. Children of Kutumb family are very well behaved, more matured than children of their age, always smiling, well groomed and keep their surroundings very clean. The caretakers are wonderful people carrying on their responsibilities very well. Whenever any child is admitted in KIMS hospital, Hubballi, they take care of child and see the child recovers well. I feel more than medicines it’s the healing touch which is very important for the speedy recovery which is very well taken care of. Finally, I feel it’s my good destiny that I have been associated with Kutumb family since 8 years..

Dr. Sahaja S Kittur, Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology, KIMS, Hubballi.

It is probably the first NGO that I have seen that is so dedicated and selfless towards making children's lives better irrespective of their status, be it health or wealth. I wish all the best and pray GOD that Team SAIUJYAM gets more strength and capacity to spread its wings still farther to reach out to many more children in need. GOD BLESS!

Dr Swetha Rajeshwari Testimonial

Dr. Swetha Rajeshwari, Assistant Professor, ESIC Medical College, Hyderabad.

I have come across many social organizations in my service but Kutumb is one of the very rare ones. My association with Sanjai is even before he started Kutumb in 2013. Apart from routine education children participate in sports, cultural activities and they are also sent for vocational education. Children and caretakers are well disciplined hard working and well behaved. Children need something more than food and shelter and children of Kutumb have it surplus.

Dr Vidya Huilgol Testimonial

Dr. Vidya Huilgol, BIMS, RMO (Retd.), Belagavi

Saiujyam’s Kutumb has ensured that every single aspect of a child’s life, more so one that requires such sensitive handling, be it nutritious food, quality education, clothing, sports activities, access to quality medical attention, discipline, etc, is addressed in a thoughtful manner. Saiujyam’s Kutumb has successfully undertaken the task of catering to the needs & requirements of a section of our society that is totally ignored and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. With every interaction with these young innocent children in Saiujyam’s Kutumb, I come back with the feeling that nothing is lost yet. It only requires noble intentions, selfless approach and devotion to the task undertaken. I wish the entire Kutumb of Saiujyam lots of success in all their endeavours in the coming days. GODSPEED!!


Puran Kashyap, Well Wisher for SAIUJYAM

It was amazing and one of my first experiences visiting Kutumb. Children have been well taught and everything is well organised by the organization. It is a safe environment and a great facility with a complete team dedicated to child development and education.


Smt. Uma Cholachgudd, Software Professional & Volunteer at Kutumb.

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