Service With Earnest Dedication and Sincerity

Progress & Achievements

  • Health: When we started KUTUMB in the year 2013-14 with the intake of HIV infected children into our care, they required constant medical help, due to their poor health and malnutrition. Hospitalization was frequent. However, in the year 2014-15 their health issues were significantly reduced due to nutritious food, physical exercises, yoga and above all love and affection bestowed on them.
  • Academics: Since the children were from interior villages wherein there were no good schooling facilities, their academics were very weak. However, after their admission into KUTUMB, enrolment in good schools and assistance with homework and school assignments on day to day basis, all the children have improved in their studies. We also regularly interact with the school teachers and get feedback from them so as to monitor the progress as well as improvise. A few of them have excelled in their school exams and have scored A+ grades.
  • Sports: In view of the regular physical exercises and related activities, children have been able to successfully participate in different competitions and achieve success. They have won medals in track & field events in the State level event for HIV +ve children, "Champion In Me" held in Bengaluru during 2013 and 2014, thus bringing laurels to themselves and the organisation. One of the children has won the first prize in the chess competition held in his school.
  • Co-curricular activities: The children are trained in the cultural activities at KUTUMB. They were made to participate in the State level event for HIV +ve children, "Champion In Me" held in Bengaluru during 2013 and 2014. The group dance performance of our children won first prize in both these years. Our children also won the first and second prize in singing in both the years.
Champion In Me - 2013

Champion In Me - 2014